What's Going On?!

This Week in Ms. Hightower’s Class 1/7/19

Hello Parents and Guardians!!!

This is an update on what's happening in room 115.

Current Units

UNIT 3 - A Pilgrimage to a Better Life?

S.S. Compelling QuestionWas westward expansion beneficial for everyone involved?

DBQ:  The California Gold Rush: A Personal Journal 

FOCUS 1: What were the causes and events of the War of 1812?

FOCUS 2: What was the impact of westward expansion on American Indians?

Focus 3: What impact did the Louisiana Purchase, the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and the acquisitions of Texas, Oregon, and California have on territorial expansion?


Science Unit 3:  Ecosystems

Science Focus Questions:

How does energy flow through an ecosystem?

How are organisms interdependent on the environment and each other?

How do the characteristics of the nonliving environment help determine which organisms thrive in particular areas?


Assessment (Test) Days this week:

 This Friday. 
         Unit Test for Science, Social Studies and Health- Study Guides sent home this week. 

Other Notes and Reminders


  • Thursday 1/10/19 PTA MEETING - Curriculum Night 5:30-7:00
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