Current Unit and Standards

Current Units

S.S Unit 2: To Form a More Perfect Union

S.S. Compelling Question: Did the framers of the Constitution allow for a government that protects ALL of its citizens?

End of Unit Essay Topic: How Did the Constitution Guard Against Tyranny?


SS4H2 Analyze the challenges faced by the framers of the Constitution.

SS4CG1 Describe the meaning of: (Natural Rights/”We the people”)

SS4CG2 Explain the importance of freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

SS4CG3 Describe the structure of government and the Bill of Rights.

Science Unit 2:
  Forces and Motion

Science Focus Questions:

How do gravity, inertia, and friction affect the balance of forces?

How are velocity and acceleration related to everyday life?

How do simple machines make work easier?

How do engineers use simple machines?

S4P3. Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information about the relationship between balanced and unbalanced forces.

a. Plan and carry out an investigation on the effects of balanced and unbalanced forces on an object and communicate the results.


b. Construct an argument to support the claim that gravitational force affects the motion of an object.


c. Ask questions to identify and explain the uses of simple machines (lever, pulley, wedge, inclined plane, wheel and axle, and screw) and how forces are changed when simple machines are used to complete tasks

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